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Our software has an extensive list of features that we're adding to all the time. Here's just some of our key features:

Website Designs

Quick Setup & Integrated Site Design

  • We endeavour to setup your event website within one working day from point of agreement.
  • We'll also customise the colour scheme of our software to closely match your design for your own event website.

Keeping your event on track

  • Our included Event Task Manager lists the tasks you need to complete in order to succesfully build the event programme.
  • Timely email reminders to programme administrators ensure your event remains on track.
Event Checklist
Referee Setup

Programme Committee Setup

  • Our Import Wizard simplifies the Programme Committee setup.
  • Invites are sent out using our Email Wizard.
  • Programme Committee Members can quickly setup their profiles online or decline the invitations.
  • Summary pages allow you to monitor the responses received.

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Try our Live Event Demo

If you'd like to try some of the software features yourself, please try our live demo.
Its completely free to try, no credit card required!

Flexible Paper Submissions

  • Online submission of papers as PDF files by authors
  • Automated email acknowledgement of paper submission for the submitting author
  • Our standard paper submission form is completely customisable upon request.
  • Submitters can modify, update or withdraw their submissions online at any time prior to the submission deadline or once the preliminary programme is available.

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Redferee Assignment Tool Screenshot

Simplified Assignment of Papers to Referees

  • Use our sophisticated Referee/Paper assignment tool to make initial paper assignments to referees in just a few minutes.
  • Fine-tune the assignments using simple drag & drop tools.

Paper Reviews

  • Your Referees can access and download full paper submission details assigned to them.
  • Options for Referees to provide a grade, recommend a session choice and add comments.
  • Programme Chairs can accept/reject papers in bulk based on grades received.
  • Email Wizard to simply the sending of accept and reject letters to paper submitters.
  • Options for full or partial blind submissions.

Accept and Reject Papers

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Try our Live Event Demo

If you'd like to try some of the software features yourself, please try our live demo.
Its completely free to try, no credit card required!

Website Designs

Building the Programme

  • Assign Papers to Session titles using simple drag and drop.
  • Check the programme for errors & inconsistencies.
  • Convenient tools for quick assignment of session chairs, discussants, and room numbers.

Exporting the Programme

  • Export the Programme to MS Word files or HTML.
  • Word compatible concordance files can be exported to aid with the compilation of page-linked indexes.
  • Other export options include names & affiliations for the creation of badges and full paper details for the compliation of a book of abstracts.
  • Option for outputting the final programme to CD-ROM1.
Word Document
Website Designs

Viewing the Programme

  • Convenient online programme viewier, updated in real time once you make it available to event participants.
  • Participants can create a Personalised Event Programme by selecting papers and sessions of interest to them.
  • Tools to allow the addittion of sessions to desktop or Google Calendars.

1 Addittional charge applies for the creation of a master CD-ROM.