Parallel sessions

Thursday 1 September 2011, 14:30 - 16:00

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Sessions held at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Behavioral Economics and IO: I

Chaired by Paul Heidhues, ESMT Berlin
Room D32

Collusion I

Chaired by Sebastian Kranz, University of Bonn
Room D33

Empirical Analysis of Demand and Pricing

Chaired by Gregory Crawford, University of Warwick
Room D3

Empirics of Mergers and Competition

Chaired by Marc Ivaldi, Toulouse School of Economics
Room D34

Energy Markets: Empirics I

Chaired by Tobias Veith, ZEW Centre for European Economic Research
Room D35

International Trade I

Chaired by Johan Stennek, University of Gothenburg
Room E32

Markets with Dynamic Behavior

Chaired by Sofronis Clerides, University of Cyprus
Room E2

Media Markets I

Chaired by Julia Rothbauer, TU Braunschweig
Room E33

Patents I

Chaired by Katrin Hussinger, Maastricht University
Room E34

Product Differentiation

Chaired by Winand Emons, University of Bern
Room E3

Vertical Restraints

Chaired by Helder Vasconcelos, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Room E35
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