Programme  •  List of Session Titles

Advertising and Media (Contributed Session)
Asymmetric Information (Contributed Session)
Auctions (Contributed Session)
Aviation (Contributed Session)
Banking (Contributed Session)
Banking and Finance (Contributed Session)
Behavioral Economics and IO: I (Contributed Session)
Behavioral Economics and IO: II (Contributed Session)
Behavioral Industrial Organization (Invited Session)
Collusion I (Contributed Session)
Collusion II (Contributed Session)
Competition in Retail Markets (Contributed Session)
Competition Policy and Vertical Relations (Contributed Session)
Competition Policy I (Contributed Session)
Competition Policy II (Contributed Session)
Consumer Choice and Pricing (Contributed Session)
Consumer Demand (Contributed Session)
Consumer Search (Contributed Session)
Contracts (Contributed Session)
Corporate Governance (Contributed Session)
Dynamic Oligopoly Theory (Contributed Session)
Electricity Markets (Contributed Session)
Empirical Analysis of Demand and Pricing (Contributed Session)
Empirical Analysis of Entry (Contributed Session)
Empirical Analysis of Innovation I (Contributed Session)
Empirical Analysis of Innovation II (Contributed Session)
Empirical Analysis of Innovation III (Contributed Session)
Empirical Analysis of Patents (Contributed Session)
Empirical Oligopoly Models (Contributed Session)
Empirics of Dynamic Models (Contributed Session)
Empirics of Mergers and Competition (Contributed Session)
Energy Markets: Empirics I (Contributed Session)
Energy Markets: Empirics II (Contributed Session)
Energy Markets: Theory I (Contributed Session)
Energy Markets: Theory II (Contributed Session)
Entrepreneurship (Contributed Session)
Entry (Contributed Session)
Environmental Economics and IO: I (Contributed Session)
Environmental Economics and IO: II (Contributed Session)
Experimental Economics and IO (Contributed Session)
Finance and IO: I (Contributed Session)
Finance and IO: II (Contributed Session)
Firm and Industry Dynamics (Contributed Session)
Game Theory and IO (Contributed Session)
Health Care (Contributed Session)
Health Economics and IO (Contributed Session)
Horizontal Mergers (Contributed Session)
Innovation (Contributed Session)
Innovation Policy (Contributed Session)
Innovation Strategy (Contributed Session)
Intellectual Property Rights (Contributed Session)
International Economics and IO (Contributed Session)
International Trade I (Contributed Session)
International Trade II (Contributed Session)
International Trade III (Contributed Session)
Internet Economics (Contributed Session)
Keynote: Benny Moldovanu (Invited Session)
Keynote: Igal Hendel (Invited Session)
Labour Economics and IO (Contributed Session)
Leniency Programs (Contributed Session)
Marketing and Economics (Invited Session)
Markets for News (Contributed Session)
Markets with Dynamic Behavior (Contributed Session)
Media Economics (Invited Session)
Media Markets I (Contributed Session)
Media Markets II (Contributed Session)
Mergers (Contributed Session)
Mergers and Antitrust (Contributed Session)
Net Neutrality (Contributed Session)
Network Economics I (Contributed Session)
Network Economics II (Contributed Session)
Network Formation and Behavior in Networks (Contributed Session)
Oligopoly Theory (Contributed Session)
Organization of the Firm (Contributed Session)
Patents I (Contributed Session)
Patents II (Contributed Session)
Price Discrimination (Contributed Session)
Pricing (Contributed Session)
Procurement (Invited Session)
Procurement I (Contributed Session)
Procurement II (Contributed Session)
Product Differentiation (Contributed Session)
Productivity (Contributed Session)
Public Economics/Law and Economics (Contributed Session)
Public Procurement (Contributed Session)
Regulated Industries: Empirics (Contributed Session)
Regulation (Contributed Session)
Research and Development I (Contributed Session)
Research and Development II (Contributed Session)
Research and Development Theory (Contributed Session)
Retailing (Contributed Session)
Retailing (Invited Session)
Search and Matching (Contributed Session)
Structural Empirical IO (Contributed Session)
Telecommunications (Contributed Session)
Telecommunications Markets (Contributed Session)
Theoretical Research on Collusion (Contributed Session)
Topics in Microeconomics (Contributed Session)
Transport Economics and IO (Contributed Session)
Two-sided Markets (Contributed Session)
Two-sided Markets and Matching (Contributed Session)
Two-Sided Markets and Network Effects (Invited Session)
Universities and Invention (Contributed Session)
Venture Capital (Contributed Session)
Vertical Contracting (Contributed Session)
Vertical Relations (Contributed Session)
Vertical Restraints (Contributed Session)
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